Forget about your phone and unplug for


Make your time count in our app.

Track minutes unplugged to motivate your friends, score discounts on wellness products, earn access to digital content like ebooks, MP3s or screen-savers and show support of causes you care about with our community incentive Unplug for a Cause™. Stay tuned - app is relaunching soon!


8,000+ hours unplugged


4500+ community members


$11,000+ raised for worthy causes


Make a promise to yourself and to someone you love. 

Keep your eyes on the prize: real-life. Remind yourself to be more present with an unplug promise bracelet or a t-shirt for your dog. Our baby t-shirts make great gifts for new parents! 


welcome to a world where time and space are filled with creativity, brain activity, and human connection. lilspace is a digital wellness company that will inspire you to unplug and spend more time with real live people doing real-life things.


Unplug for a cause™ powered by lilspace

Capturing the full attention of a live audience feels impossible these days. Our battery charging activation will give your guests the motivation they need to put away their phones and enjoy the show. With Unplug for a Cause ™ people can juice up their batteries and recharge their souls while their phones are closely guarded by our staff attendants. 


Engage IRL

Our events bring out the best in you. Listen live to a thought-provoking podcast interview, discover new music, learn a new craft, play a game, loosen up your back or whatever feels better than staring down at your phone. 


lilspace at work

Our digital wellness program “Check Your Tech Neck” will help your employees discover ways to alleviate the tension created by looking down at computer screens and smartphones.


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