Good things happen when we put away our phones.

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Have an Android? Enter your email address below so we can notify you when lilspace is available on the Google Play Store (May 2019).


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Why use lilspace?

The lilspace app encourages you to take breaks from your phone so you can make room for real-time connections. We don't want to lock you or block you. We do want to give you incentives to keep the lilspace unplugged timer going.  You can earn rewards and support important causes when you track and "tag" your unplugged time in the lilspace app. 


Unplug for Rewards

Earn perks for being present. Unplug and focus on restaurants, museums and other businesses that will provide incentives for putting away your phone and focusing on their offering.


Unplug for a Cause ™

Help others while you help yourself. Participate in campaigns to collectively increase the number of hours unplugged and help a worthy non-profit organization get resources donated by a corporate sponsor.


Unplug for a Success

See big gains at school and work as you are motivated by your boss, co-workers or your teacher to put away your phone and focus on getting the job done.



Unplug for your Soul

Get the feeling that you’re not alone. Encouragement from your church, synagogue or meditation group will inspire you to unplug and feel the power of being present as a community.


About Us

The idea for lilspace was born in 2016 when Founder, Kim Anenberg Cavallo felt life being interrupted by her impulse to constantly check her phone. With 20 years experience raising money and connecting people to non-profit causes, Kim knew there had to be a way to break this unhealthy habit with motivation inspired through helping others. Walk-a-thons make people get in shape so they can raise money for causes they care about. Why not inspire people to get mentally healthy and unplug for causes too?  

“Through our National Day of Unplugging campaign, we find that people love to share what inspires them to put away their phones. The lilspace app provides a great way to motivate more people to unplug because they know the time away from their phones is helping important causes.”
— Executive Director, David Katznelson @ Reboot
“Kim and the lilspace team are taking a smart, humble, and empathetic approach to repairing our relationships with our phones, ourselves, and each other. I’m proud to support her and the mission, and I’m extremely enthused to see more people getting a lilpace from the otherwise addictive apps on their phone!”
— Ramsay Brown, Cofounder/COO @ Boundless Mind